To ensure maximum performance from your GILBERT Netball follow the below netball care guide.


Netballs should all be inflated to 10psi. This is the optimum level of inflation – lower will mean the ball is not hard enough resulting in poor performance, higher will result in the ball being too hard and risk going out of shape.

It is essential you do not overinflate as the ball as it will never return to its optimum shape – deflating the ball from over 10psi will result in the ball being out of shape.

Every time you use the ball we suggest checking the air pressure. Due to the natural materials used in
the ball, changes in ball pressure can occur.

We recommend only using the stirrup pump (or another hand pump) to inflate the balls - inflation using a compressor or airline is not recommended as it can lead to over inflation, which can cause the properties of the ball to change.


After your game is finished, it’s important to continue to look after your netball to ensure its performance isn’t compromised. This means storing your ball in a dry environment – preferably not in the boot of a car as if a ball gets too hot, it will deform. If it’s left in a damp setting, tiny amounts of water will accumulate inside and eventually increase the weight of the ball. This will harm the balls (and therefore your) performance on the court.


Your GILBERT Netball is not a chair – please don’t sit on it! This will cause the ball to go out of shape very quickly.